Image credit: JerryRigsEverything

Apple’s new iPad mini turns out to be more durable compared to the iPad Pro 2019 and this came as a shock too many.

About 14 hours ago, JerryRigEverything — the famous YouTuber who, well, rigs everything — has decided to upload an video featuring the iPad mini. On this video, he performed the usual test; scratching, burning and bending the iPad mini to see its end results.

While the iPad mini started showing obvious scratches at a level 6 scratch test, it managed to survive the burn test due to its LCD screen. What was initially a black spot on the screen slowly reverted back to its original form.

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What’s more surprising is when the iPad mini undergoes the bend test. Similar to the iPad Pro, the iPad mini succumbed to pressure and bent, with its screen slightly detached from its body. However, both its screen and frame did not actually crack, and the device was still functional — even in its bent form.

If you’re interested to watch the whole process, the video is linked down below.


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