Image credit: Let's Go Digital

New patents have emerged showing what could be LG’s foldable smartphone. This is not to be confused with the LG V50 uses an accessory that adds a second screen to the device.

This mystery device will apparently be a true foldable device as it folds horizontally like Motorola’s rumoured Razr reboot. The patents, which were uploaded onto the United States Patent and Trademark were first spotted by Dutch portal LetsGoDigital, who’ve created their own renders based on the patents.

LG could be releasing a clam shell-like foldable phone according on leaked patents 1
Image credit: Pocket-Lint

Based on both the patents and the renders, we can see that the device will be very thin and will be almost bezel-less. However, a leaked image of the supposed display that the phone utilizes appears to show a traditional bezel on top along with a slot for a front-facing speaker.

Regardless, considering that the patens were seen on an official trademarking body’s website, it’s safe to say that we can expect a proper foldable phone from LG in the near future.

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