Raise your hands if you’re an Apple Watch user, because today that’s exactly what we’re focusing on — no, not the Apple Watch exactly, but items related to the Apple Watch.

Getting yourself an Apple Watch is definitely fancy, but since you’re already at that stage, no harm in being fancier right? Today we’re going to explore Apple Watch accessories that will ensure your Apple Watch stands out from the rest.

1. Julk/Spigen

Image credit: Amazon

Let’s start simple. Just like with your smartphones, it’s only logical to get a case for your Apple Watch to prevent this pricey smartwatch from getting scratches, which is why Julk and Spigen come into mind.

Those who opts for simplicity can go for Julk’s Apple Watch cases, while for those who prefer a more solid protection, Spigen’s Apple Watch Case will be a better choice. The former offers an overall protective case made of TPU, and it is an ultra-thin cover that guarantees to be scratch-proof. 

Image credit: Amazon

On the other hand, the Spigen Apple Watch case is slightly bulkier, and it only provides protection on the sides. However, Spigen has aluminium button on its case for better functionality, and is also shock resistant.

While Julk remains at its simple clear-case design, Spigen has more designs that can be found on its website. Julk cases starts from $7.99 on Amazon while Spigen cases starts from $14.99 on its official site.

2. Batfree

Image credit: Kickstarter

Nobody likes their smartwatch dying on them when they’re busy exercising or going out. This is why Togvu created Batfree, a power strap for Apple Watch.

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Compatible with Apple Watch Series 2,3 and 4, Batfree offers an extra 27 hours of battery life, and its also has a IP68 rating. With a built-in 600mAh battery, Batfree charges the Apple Watch wirelessly, and it comes with an ergonomic design for extra comfort. 

Image credit: Kickstarter

Made with silicon, the power strap can be worn during exercises and will work fine as long as you don’t exceed the depth of 10m underwater.

Batfree is an ongoing Kickstart project, and can be pledged from $45 onwards for you to get the power strap when it’s out for delivery — estimated in May 2019.

3. Bucardo

Image credit: Bucardo

Yes, Apple Watch is a fancy smartwatch, but what if you want it to be more of a fashion statement? Bucardo got you covered. 

Image credit: Bucardo

The company provides fashionable ways to wear your Apple Watch by selling charm and locket necklaces that slides into the band slots of your Apple Watch, so you can hang it around your neck as a statement piece. You can even buy the locket necklace to give it that classic feel, but do note that these necklaces are not cheap either.

Image credit: Bucardo

In addition, Bucardo also have pocket watch accessory so you can turn your Apple Watch into a stylish pocket watch. Made of stainless steel, the pocket watch comes with a 15-inch detachable chain and a clasp on the other hand for you to attach it to your clothings.

Bucardo’s necklaces start from $119 whereas its pocket watch starts from $199.


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