Twitter already had a dark mode for its users, but today the company decided to make it even darker with its new “Lights out” function.

Currently, your Twitter should have only come with a night mode toggle when you go to the Display and sound tab under Settings and privacy. However, once the update reaches you, you’ll also get a “Lights out” option, which will further darken your dark mode.

The current dark mode that is offered to Twitter users comes with a dark blue background, but with “Lights out”, you’ll get a completely black background. The dark blue color palette will then be renamed as the “Dim” dark mode.

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The new “Lights out” function is also said to be battery-saving because phones with OLED displays will only light up non-black pixels. In addition, Twitter also added an Automatic Dark Mode feature, which probably lets the app switch on the dark mode according to its timezone.


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