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Are you done with static e-mails – tired of the mundane routine of opening page after page of messages and links? Well, Google has got you covered (this is not an ad, even though it may seem like one), with the roll out of their new Gmail update!

Google released an official blog post about the change that’ll be coming to Gmail in stages – and it talks about becoming more dynamic in its presentation.

Gmail's new update puts emphasis on dynamic content viewing 1
Image credit: Google

The update will apparently make replying e-mails more interactive – a few gifs within the blog showcases the new update in action and we see that replying e-mails now will be similar to replying comments on social media rather than you having to click on a reply button and composing the text.

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Other points from the blog also mention more “actionable” content referring to e-mails from sites like, Pinterest and more where clickable images will take over text, which allows you to pin a picture or book a room from within the Gmail app itself.

Gmail's new update puts emphasis on dynamic content viewing 2
Image credit: Google

That being said, the issue of security comes to mind and Google claims that the “best-in-class security” will be used to protect your data when you send, receive and perform actions on your e-mails.

The update is live for both Android and iOS apps as well as the web version, but will be rolled out in stages.

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