It’s almost impossible to forget about the Galaxy Note series when it comes to Samsung’s flagship devices. Set to be the next flagship smartphone Samsung has to offer, the Galaxy Note 10 is now being predicted to be what we expected from the failed Meizu Zero: a phone with no buttons.

Like the previous videos seen on the design of Meizu Zero, the Note 10 is said to have replaced its physical buttons with touch sensors and/or gestures. According to a Korean tech site ET News, the tech giant is also partnering with a Chinese manufacturer of pressure sensitive sensors, which is said to be comparable to the 3D Touch on iPhones. This means the Note 10 will no longer be seen with volume rockers or power button on its side; instead, everything is based on touch and pressure.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will adapt "keyless" technology by omitting physical buttons 1

However, it seems like the Note 10 will not be the first to test out this “keyless” technology. Report suggests that the Galaxy A series will first be spotted with the feature, so Samsung can test it out and check out consumers’ responses. 

That being said, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will not be as cool as Meizu Zero; it’s expected to have no buttons but it’ll probably still come with a charging port, a speaker grill and maybe even a headphone jack. So unlike the Meizu Zero, the Note 10 will still have holes, just no buttons.

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