Its common for a brand to troll competitors, let alone comparing products apple-to-apple. Xiaomi has just done that after the announcement of Huawei’s P30 retail price, as it has posted a screenshot of the launch on its official Facebook page and asking fans bluntly if it was necessary.

Unfortunately, the post has received a number of backlash from its fans, including comments such as not releasing the Redmi Note 7 Pro globally, while most of it being criticizing the company for being rude for posting that statement on its official social media and how inefficient the brand is bringing its phones to the market.

While Huawei’s P30 series does sport a very familiar face to Xiaomi’s flagship Mi 9, which we assume the reason why the latter is reacting to its competition this way, the P30 and Mi 9 are ultimately two different devices targeted at different segment of consumers, and to some it seems unfair that Xiaomi is merely taking on the P30 without anything to prove to its fans.

You can join in the discussion on the embedded post above, at this time of writing it has already received more than 3000 reactions and over 472 shares.

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