Snapchat hasn’t been getting the hype it wanted to despite introducing new features every now and then, and now the company plans to come up with something slightly more different: a mobile gaming platform. 

Set to be revealed at its first developer conference, the mobile gaming platform will be getting various different games from different developers, but these games are customised specifically to suit Snapchat.

Snapchat plans to introduce an in-app mobile gaming platform in April 1

According to Business Insider, there will be a high chance for Snapchat to increase its engagement with its users with these games because not only will users be more responsive towards engaging content like games – which requires interaction and commitment, Tencent might also be collaborating with Snapchat to create a new mobile game. 

While Tencent has been tied to several trending and popular games, it’s safe to say that we can’t be too sure how it’ll fit with Snapchat in terms of gaming aspects. Either way, the mobile gaming platform is said to be revealed on April 4, so let’s just wait and see.


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