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With the various cases of Google Play being infiltrated by apps that have malware and adware, it is only logical that some Android users will look for security measures by downloading anti-malware apps. However, findings have now proven that many of the so-called anti-malware apps, are actually just unreliable and does not necessarily protect your phones.

In an AV-Comparatives’ 2019 test, the researchers downloaded 250 anti-malware security apps and tested them out, only to find that 80 apps could detect over 30% of malicious apps while the rest either detected less than 30% of the malware, are ineffective or have been removed from Google Play Store.

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Many Android's anti-malware apps are found to be unreliable and inefficient 1

The way the researchers did the test was by downloading the malicious sample from Chrome browser and installing it before testing out the anti-malware apps. In the process, 250 anti-malware apps were tested against 2,000 malicious APKs and 100 clean APKs.

To learn more about the test results and the apps that were tested, visit AV-Comparatives.

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