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While Twitter is busy making changes in its public beta app twttr, the company also continues to make changes in its official app. Twitter is now redesigning its camera feature, allowing users to easily access to camera to tweet pictures and videos through the app.

Similar to Instagram Stories, you just need to swipe to open your camera. However, rest assured that the pictures and/or videos will still be a Twitter post instead of stories, so Twitter is actually not straying too far from their original concept.

Twitter introduces new camera feature that is slightly similar to Instagram Stories 1
Image credit: Engadget

According to Engadget, the camera gives you two options called Capture and Live. You can then take picture with a tap of a finger or take a video by holding the shutter button. On the other hand, the Live button will let you post a live stream through Twitter’s video-streaming service called Periscope.

Your pictures and videos can also be layered with texts, hashtags, location and these will appear at the bottom of your pictures/videos. This is one of the differences between Twitter’s camera features and Instagram Stories, since the latter allows you to place your texts and words anywhere across your images.

Twitter introduces new camera feature that is slightly similar to Instagram Stories 2
Image credit: Engadget

This new feature is going to be one of the biggest changes Twitter has done to its app, and it is said to be rolling out already. That being said, I’ve yet to received the update so I can only wait in line for my turn to test out the new feature.

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