UPDATE: Facebook looks to be a-ok now.

Yesterday, Gmail and Google Drive were down; today, Facebook, Instagram, and for some, even Whatsapp.

For many across the globe, popular social media sites Facebook and Instagram were nearly inaccessible since the wee hours. BBC reports say that this is the most severe outage Facebook has encountered in its history; Instagram faired slightly better but users claim that they were unable to load new posts.

Other reports say that the outages aren’t caused by a cyber-attack, and the folks over at Facebook and Instagram are looking into the matter. As of this moment, Facebook has regained some usability – albeit inconsistently, while Instagram remains glitchy.

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At the time of writing, Facebook is under maintenance so it’s likely that you’ll be logged out of your profile across all devices.

Since our go-to social media are out of commission, maybe we can be productive today, maybe.