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Twitter has launched its public beta app a few days back called twttr and reports are already seen on the web discussing the prototype app. Currently, this prototype program is only available for iOS users.

Twitter's new beta app comes with threaded replies and hidden engagement counts 1
Image credit: The Verge

One of the few changes discovered is the threaded replies that are more organised. Replies to the original tweet now come with coloured edges. Blue-edge replies indicate replies from people the you follow and black-edge replies indicate the original Twitter user’s replies. Aside from that, additional replies will also be indented so that the conversations look better visually.

Another update that is seen in twttr is the absence of engagement counts. Users will no longer see the likes and retweets of a tweet by default; instead, they’ll have to tap on the tweet to see the likes and retweets. There is also a “show more” to prevent too many replies showing up at the thread, including some replies that can be offensive or spam-like.

Co-founder of Twitter Biz Stone also tweeted a picture of the twttr app’s icon that is just a blue box without its iconic bird. However, in his other tweet, Stone explained that the app is just a prototype and the iconic bird will not be disappearing from Twitter’s icon.

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