Modern processors are adopting smaller manufacturing processes for faster speeds, better power efficiency, and space efficiency. Intel have been able to achieve a relatively small 10nm process with their Cannon Lake architecture chips making it one of the fastest processors in the market today.

But according to Tech Radar, Intel’s upcoming top-of-the-line processers may be made using the 14nm process again. The reports suggest that the new list of high-power chips will be built on the Cascade Lake microarchitecture; and they are set to be announced at Computex 2019.

These processors are supposed to be the successors to Intel’s current lineup of high-end processors, but all of their heavy-duty Core i9 chips are already built on the 14nm process already.

This comes as bad news some as there were hops of these high-power chips to come built on Intel’s 10th generation 10nm Ice Lake microarchitecture.

These are only rumors however, so let’s withhold all judgment until the processors are officially announced.


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