Things like that don’t happen in the mobile industry these days, but Huawei are gearing up for turbulent times ahead – they’ve gone as far as to develop their own OS in case they part ways with Android.

The popular Chinese company have had Android support on their products since 2009 (that’s a decade folks) but given its current state of affairs surrounding company CFO Meng Wanzhou, Huawei may well lose a foothold in the market.

Huawei may use their own OS should they part ways with Android 1

According to BGR, a separation from Android could be in the cards for Huawei, and the company is ready to implement their own OS if they need to.

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The upcoming Huawei P30 and P30 Pro phones are set to be revealed soon and should steady the ship for a while; the Huawei Mate X – if anything – is a sign a sign that the company isn’t ready to fold just yet. The Mate X won several awards (over 30 in fact) at the recent MWC 2019, so its safe to say Huawei is putting up a fight.

Huawei may use their own OS should they part ways with Android 2
Image credit: Android Authority

But the public are pretty much split between iOS and Android users – an unfamiliar OS may push away even the most loyal of fans.

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