Meizu Zero, the world’s supposedly first hole-less phone has become nothing but a dream as it fails to reach its crowdfunding target on Indiegogo.

When it was first released by Meizu, the Meizu Zero seemed revolutionary with its non-porous design where there are no ports, no holes, no buttons. However, it seemed like the society is not really interested in this advanced concept of a phone yet as its goal of $100,000 was not reached. It barely reached half its goal as by the deadline only $45,998 was raised, causing the device to become a failed project.

Image credit: IndieGoGo

However, this is not a huge issue to the company as GizChina reported that Meizu CEO, Huang Zhang never planned to mass produce the Meizu Zero. According to Huang Zhang, “The non-porous mobile phone is only a pre-research project of the development department.”

Maybe the world just isn’t ready for such a fancy phone yet, but this idea will probably be revisited soon in the future.


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