If you’re looking for un-Godly processing power for your upcoming rig, you might just want to hold out on splashing the cash first. AMD has just revealed that the third generation Ryzen Threadripper will be available this year!

Image credit: Hot Hardware

A presentation deck showed by AMD listing the companies 2019 lineup of products had revealed that there are plans to release the long-awaited high-end processor. Unfortunately, no release date has been given for the Ryzen Threadripper, but a report by Hot Hardware suggests that we could see the CPU hit the market sometime June this year.

According to LowYat.net, the current-gen Ryzen Threadripper’s top-of-the-line 2990WX CPU comes with 32-cores with 64-thread counts; so it’s safe to assume the third generation Threadrippers to exceed those numbers.


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