According to MacRumors, iPhones that are fitted with a third-party battery can now be repaired at official Apple Authorized Service Providers and Genius Bars.

If there is an issue with the third-party battery itself, licensed Apple technicians are now allowed to replace them with official Apple batteries.

For non-battery related issues, technicians are also now allowed to repair the device without the hindrance of the third-party component rule that once revoked the eligibility of an Apple device for repairs by official Apple representatives.

Right-to-repair has been a topic of constant debate for several years now, with prominent YouTubers Louis Rossman and Linus Sebastian as active proponents of the right and opposers of Apple’s repair policies.

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This move is dramatic for Apple’s standards and should come as good news for customers in Malaysia as this reduces restrictions as to how users choose to fix their device. Hopefully customers will no longer be told to buy a new device just because their current product is eligible for repairs; or the fix itself would cost just as much as a new replacement.