Regular Xbox One S Image credit: Xbox

The world is going fully digital nowadays, even in the world of gaming. There was a point when physical discs were heavily-relied upon to deliver video games to the people.

With internet speeds now reaching ridiculous speeds, platforms such as Steam as well as console digital stores have become the go-to option for gamers to purchase titles. Physical discs only seem to be a viable option for those who have limited storage space and low internet speeds.

A disc-less Xbox One S that could cost less than RM1,000 - hard to say no to that 1
Image credit: Xbox

Microsoft understands the digitalization of video games along with the purchasing process, and it shows as they’re reportedly releasing a digital-only version of the existing Xbox One S.

Reports claim that the machine could be cheaper than the regular Xbox One S and Xbox One X because of its lack of a Blu-ray drive. The current Xbox One S is sold in bundles and cost around RM1,100, so a cheaper gaming console that could potentially cost less than RM1,000 is indeed enticing.

It is also reported that the device could arrive as soon as May this year and a special Fortnite Edition of the console will be available.

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