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Apple fans have been waiting for the new AirPods for more than a year and while it has been rumoured to make an appearance within the next few months, more information regarding the new AirPods have been leaked.

According to a Twitter leaker named Max Weinbach, the new AirPods will indeed support wireless charging, and can be fully charged in 15 minutes. This is great compared to the current AirPod’s 15-minute charge that only provide 3 hours of battery life. Weinbach also said that the case will be bigger and heavier, though it will support Qi charging.

That being said, it does seem like a fair trade for the AirPods to have a slightly heavier case in return for getting a faster charge. On the other hand, Weinbach also said that the AirPods will be similar to the Apple Pencil 2, meaning that it will be more matte than glossy this time.

Previously, Weinbach also revealed some information regarding iOS 13, in which iOS 13 will probably remove the volume HUD and iOS 13.1 will get a Dark Mode. The volume HUD has long been a rather annoying feature thanks to its obstructive appearance whenever iPhone users adjust the volume and the Dark Mode has been one of the newer features that many tech companies are bringing in to their devices.

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While we do hope all these leaks and information are true, 9to5Mac did reveal that Weinbach isn’t always accurate and reliable so it’s best to take this information with a pinch of salt.

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