No phones can ever rival the superb value of the Pocophone F1, it is literally the most affordable Snapdragon 845 device you can buy and has a decent camera for most people. However, the phone came under fire intitially for not being able to stream Netflix HD due to the lack of Widevine L1, a DRM certification that is implemented on Android devices for streaming protected content.

Pocophone F1 users can now rejoice as XDA-Developers have spotted Widevine L1 made available for the phone in a beta firmware, which could possibly arrive in the next major software update. The beta firmware in question is the MIUI 10 9.25.2 version, which you can already download publicly and flash it onto your phone if you don’t mind unlocking your device and expect a few bugs.

The Pocophone F1 will support Widevine L1 in the next software update 2Likewise, having support for Widevine L1 doesn’t necessarily mean that the phone will be able to automatically stream NetFlix in HD, as the latter will still have the ultimate decision to whitelist and blacklist certain devices to able to play protected content in addition to the DRM level support.

The beta firmware can be downloaded here, and flashing your phone can always be a risk of losing your data, so make sure you do a backup before jumping right into action.

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