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“More, more, more” demands the people; so “Ask and you shall receive” says SanDisk and Micron. During MWC 2019 in Barcelona, the two flash memory manufacturer giants unveiled their own take on a 1TB microSD card.

According to The Verge, the UHS-I microSDXC products from both manufacturers differ in read and write speeds – SanDisk cites 160MB/s read speeds as opposed to Micron’s 100MB/s, while in terms of write speeds, Micron takes the cake with 95MB/s, 5MB/s more than SanDisk’s.

A majority of consumers use microSD cards on their phone, but right now, smartphones can support up to 512GB only. It begs the question if these 1TB cards will be popular among the masses.

According to The Verge, the SanDisk card will be available this April for $449.99 (RM1,832) while the Micron has no confirmed price tag yet, but is expected to be released during the second quarter this year.

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