Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

The hype is real fellow Overwatch fans! Blizzard has revealed a new hero set to make its way into the game’s roster soon, and it’s been what fans have been asking for.

Overwatch released an Origin Story video on YouTube of the new character Baptiste. He’s a support hero that is capable of healing and dealing reliable damage.

Based on the video, we can see that Baptiste is a combat medic from Haiti who fights for the good guys. It also appears that he’ll be wielding a grenade launcher of sorts, while a Dragon Ball Saiyan-like visor on his eye suggest he’s tech-reliant.

He’s the newest support hero to be introduced since Brigitte, who’s introduction was met with backlash. Brigitte, during the initial patches of her release, was deemed too overpowered (infinite healing, anyone?) and her abilities played her right into the infamous GOATS composition.

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Image credit: Overwatch

She would also become a mainstay in competitive matches because of her effectiveness, but recent reworks and nerfs have made her less of an ideal pick. Here’s to hoping that Baptiste could be the support character to bring balance to today’s Overwatch meta.