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Look alive gamers! Recent leaks found by Gaming INTEL suggest that there could be a new character added to Apex Legends’ roster soon.

The free-to-play battle royale shooter has become a bit of a sensation since its launch two weeks ago. It’s polished gameplay, stunning graphics and excellent sound design positions itself at the higher echelons of BR games such as Fortnite and PUBG.

Leaks suggest Apex Legends may add to their roster soon 1
Image credit: Game Rant

According to Gaming INTEL, Apex Legends will release a new character every four seasons throughout 2019, and the next addition to the roster could be Octane.

A file within the game’s folder show that on week 8, something called “Octane Preview” will be introduced to the game, and along with it perhaps a new character. Gaming INTEL also claims that Octane’s skills include the ability to use stimpacks, meaning he’ll most likely be a support class character.

Because the file mentions of ‘week 8’, Octane could be released sometime middle of March to early April.

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