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Razer Game Store is opened for less than a year, but it will be shutting down by the end of this month due to the company’s realignment plans.

The store was first launched in US and Europe before it expanded to Southeast Asia with many games and exclusive offers. Razer also has a unique rewards system that allowed users to earn Silver rewards when they purchase games from the store.

Razer Game Store is shutting down by the end of this February 1
Image credit: Razer

The company also mentioned that it’ll use Razer Gold, its virtual credits system to continue providing content and game promotions for its users. It is worth noting that Razer Game Store discount vouchers will no longer be valid once it’s February 28 so those who have them will have to quickly use it.

The company also said that all Razer Silver earned will remain valid and users’ Razer ID account will still be accessible. That aside, users’ data will remain protected because those who no longer partner with Razer Game Store will be asked to delete all data collected.

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