If you’re an Apple Music subscriber and you’re feeling generous, you can now send an invite to one friend so they will be able to access Apple Music for free for one month.

You’ll get a notification for a new referral promo, and that’ll give you the privilege of sending an invite to your friends who are not subscribed to Apple Music so they’ll be able to enjoy over 50 million songs ad-free.

Apple also caused some dissatisfaction among its subscribers as it is going against its App Store guidelines that doesn’t allow push notifications for marketing. However, it is the most efficient way to let its subscribers know about the new promo.

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Aside from this referral notification, former subscribers have also received notifications last week regarding a 3-month free trial. We can infer that this is Apple’s method of gaining more subscribers, both new and ex-subscribers. Recent events suggest that Apple is took a toll from its decrease in sales and is trying different things to regain its position.