Image credit: @wongmjane

A girl named Jane Manchun Wong with the Twitter handle @wongmjane recently discovered that Instagram is testing Direct on Web, a feature that lets Instagram users direct message others when they’re on their desktops or signed-in via web.

The current web version Instagram only doesn’t allow users to send messages, post on Stories and also post pictures and videos, but users still get to view Stories and posts from others and comment on posts. Still, it would be a great addition if Direct on Web is a confirmed feature.

As of now, the Direct on Web feature has been disabled, probably because it’s not fully developed and meant to be discovered by public yet. It’ll be even better if Instagram at least enable users to post images and videos to their newsfeed via web/desktop.

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There were also rumours previously reporting that Mark Zuckerberg has plans on merging Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram’s direct message feature but personally I believe many will disagree on this. Meanwhile, let’s just hope Direct on Web comes back soon so we get to try it out.


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