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Twitter is now testing a new feature for its iOS users by letting them check out other Twitter profiles without having to be redirected to another page.

This new feature shows you someone’s profile when you click on their Twitter handle, so you get a preview of their profile including their display picture, their profile description and number of followers and followings. You can also follow them without having to visit their full profile page.

Twitter decided to use this feature because it’ll be quicker and more convenient for Twitter users to gain information on other users as they can follow/mute each account and easily differentiate whether the account is a bot account or a real account.

The new feature is not available for Android users yet, and though it is said to be available for iOS users, I still get redirected when I click on a Twitter handle on my iPhone at the time of writing. Meanwhile, many users are requesting for an Edit button so that they can edit their Tweets even after they’ve posted to amend typos and whatnot.

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