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Well, it looks like foldable smartphones are the future – we’ve already seen Xiaomi’s prototype as well as saw teasers of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold; and it seems like Huawei is eager to hop on the bandwagon too.

Huawei posted an image on twitter depicting a device folding onto itself with two lit screens facing outwards – if that isn’t a foldable smartphone, we don’t know what is. A copy reads “Connecting The Future” accented with the date February 24 and location of Barcelona, meaning whatever their teasing, it’s about to revealed at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019.

According to a report by TechNave, Huawei’s foldable device will utilize BOE flexible displays and support 5G connectivity – connecting the future indeed. The phone is also said to have a 5-inch display when folded and an 8-inch display when unfolded.

Huawei teases its own foldable smartphone - set to be revealed this month 1
Image credit: TechNave

Also, during a pre-MWC briefing, Huawei introduced their latest Baloong 5000 modem which can support 5G connectivity. The Chinese manufacturers will apparently pair the modem with their Kirin 980 chip in its upcoming flagship devices such as the P30 as well as the foldable smartphone.

Yesterday rumors suggested that Ssamsung’s Galaxy Fold could set you back upwards of RM6,000, so we expect Huawei to price their foldable smartphone similarly.

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