A patent filed by Microsoft was recently published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office last month, and this patent demonstrates fabric material with touch sensor.

Image credit: USTPO

Titled ‘FORMING TOUCH SENSOR ON FABRIC’, this patent was filed by the company back in July 2017 so that its devices that has fabric material can come with touch sensors. This will allow users to control the devices even when they’re not touching the screen displays of the devices.

According to the patent, the company plans to integrate touch sensors into the fabric to allow detection of gestures and swipes that can enable app browsing, volume adjustments, access to settings and others. Users will also be able to control the devices through gestures done at the back of the device because the touch sensors can be placed at different locations of the exterior surface.

Image credit: USTPO

That aside, the smart fabric is also said to be applicable to wearables in which it can be an adjustable band that allows more touch inputs and gestures that can give more options in controlling the device. In addition, the patent also states that the touch sensor might be able to control remote devices with or without wired connection.

If Microsoft can really manufacture products with fabric that has touch sensors, the company will definitely be getting more fans because this can be a unique selling point for the company.