About two months back, WABetaInfo revealed that iOS users might be getting Face ID and Touch ID support for WhatsApp and now after waiting for two months, iOS users finally get this authentication feature.

Any iOS users with WhatsApp version 2.19.20 will now be able to lock their WhatsApp with either Touch ID or Face ID depending on their iOS devices. Just go to Settings and select Privacy, then click on Screen Lock. 

This feature when enabled will require you to use your Face ID/Touch ID when you want to unlock the app, though you can still reply to messages on your notifications and answer WhatsApp calls even when your phone is locked. That aside, you can also choose different time durations before the app requires your Face ID/Touch ID. So, if you’re a very cautious person, you can set the app to require your Face ID/Touch ID every time you access the app, and if you’re not, you can set between 1 minute, 15 minutes and 1 hour.

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Of course, WhatsApp also comes with a precaution step by allowing you to use your iPhone passcode to access the app if the Face ID/Touch ID authentication fails. Moreover, preview will no longer be shown by the app when the authentication feature is enabled resulting in an empty view instead.

You also won’t have to worry about your authentication data as the information is managed by iOS hence no extraction will occur in WhatsApp server. Have you updated your WhatsApp? And if so, what are your thoughts on the new feature?


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