The latest version of iOS that was recently released is 12.1.3 and Apple claims that it fixes bugs such as issues in Messages and connection between the newer iPhone models and CarPlay systems, but iOS users will have to think twice before installing the new update because many are facing connection issues after updating to iOS 12.1.3.

Previously when iOS 12.1.2 was released, there had already been numerous cases whereby users complained that the update affected their data connectivity and causes them to be unable to use their mobile data and cellular network.

You’d think iOS 12.1.3 would be a fix to that issue, but it just got worse. With the newest iOS update, users are now complaining that it not only kills their cellular data, but it also kills the Wi-Fi connection.

In addition, a Twitter user also expressed her dissatisfaction as the new update caused her iPhone 7 Plus’s battery life to deteriorate very quickly, and she could no longer find the Touch ID function in Settings.

To be honest, the iPhone XR that I have with me has not been updated since iOS 12.1.1 because I don’t want to risk facing all these issues that will render the iPhone useless. My best advice now is to skip updating your iPhones to the latest iOS because it doesn’t seem to be worth the risk.

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