We’re always thinking of Apple Watch, iPhones and iPads when it comes to Apple, but recent reports are hinting that we might soon be reminded of the iPods that used to be quite popular.

Apple seems to be producing a new generation of iPod Touch, which is probably a good move if the company is continuing the product line since the 6th Generation iPod Touch is a bit too outdated. The 6th Generation iPod Touch still shows the traditional thick bezels, the presence of a home button and an A8 chip. The only aspect of the current iPod Touch that is worth applauding is that it is still compatible with iOS 12.

With the outdated specs, if Apple is plans to revamp the iPod Touch, we believe the first thing to be removed is its home button. The chin will also no longer be so thick so that the 7th Generation iPod Touch can actually be more consistent with the latest Apple products’ designs.

The iPod Touch will probably get the FaceID feature too, and the camera might just be upgraded to be at least around the iPhone XR’s specs. While iPod Touch is known to be made for music playback, it is still possible that Apple will remove the headphone jack and force users to get an earphone with a Lightning cable.

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Reports suggested that Apple is bringing back the iPod Touch as a strategy to gain more Apple Music subscribers who might also get attached to the iMessage that can be found in the iPod Touch. It is a somewhat long-term plan of Apple in hope that the earlier they get people to be attached to their brand, the more likely it is for the individuals to continue to be loyal to the brand and purchase its products. 

The iPod Touch can also be beneficial for those who wants to purchase a multi-functional device for their children but feels that a smartphone is too much. Users can also use the iPod Touch to capture images and videos or play games, so it’s really similar to a smartphone except that it doesn’t have cellular support.

Let’s just take this with a grain of salt as we cannot be sure if Apple really will surprise us with the 7th Generation iPod Touch. The current iPod Touch costs RM952 for the 32GB model and RM1398 for the 128GB model, so if a new iPod Touch is coming, let’s just assume it’ll cost more than RM1,000.


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