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To celebrate a new year, Tune Talk has decided to introduced the newly revamp Tune Talk prepaid pack, in which Tune Talk users will be able to enjoy unlimited data by paying just RM1.

This new prepaid pack is made to accommodate the different groups of users in the market, ensuring that every income segment of the market can afford the plans offered.

To ensure that the Tune Talk Value Pack can actually fit every individual out there, Tune Talk has decided to offer daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plans. Both existing subscribers and new users can subscribe to this new prepaid pack, in which existing subscribers are encouraged to make the switch before 28 February whereas new users will automatically be on the new prepaid pack if they register from today onwards.

Tune Talk Value Pack offers unlimited data with just RM1 1
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First and foremost, Tune Talk is offering daily unlimited passes for RM1 each, and users are provided with three options; Chat, Social and Music. Depending what kind of apps users’ are constantly using, they can choose to purchase these unlimited passes to enjoy unlimited data for RM1. For example, if you’re constantly scrolling on your social media, you can get the Social Daily Unlimited Pass. Just key in the right keyword (CHAT/SOCIAL/MUSIC)when you’re purchasing the pass.

If you are a person who use a bit of everything, then you can opt to get the Daily Plan for RM1 a day with the keyword D300. You’ll be getting unlimited calls to Tune Talk numbers and also 300MB data with this RM1 plan.

Tune Talk Value Pack offers unlimited data with just RM1 2
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Looking for something more than one day and less than a month? There’s also the Weekly plan. The Weekly Plan will cost you RM10 and last you 7 days, and you’ll be getting unlimited calls to Tune Talk numbers and 2GB data for your Internet usage. The keyword for this plan is W2.

Tune Talk Value Pack offers unlimited data with just RM1 3
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Tune Talk also offers several Monthly Plan for their users, in which there’s three different plans. The first plan costs RM10/month, and users get unlimited chat, free calls to Tune Talk numbers and 1GB data. The second plan costs RM28/month, and users get unlimited data when it comes to chat and social apps such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, in addition to free calls to Tune Talk numbers and 6GB data. The third plan costs RM48/month, and users get unlimited data for chat, social and music apps with an extra 10GB data for other apps that require data. Users will also get free calls to all network instead of just Tune Talk numbers. The keywords for these three plans are M1, M6 and M10.

If you’re looking for an even longer duration plan, look no further because Tune Talk Value Pack even includes a Yearly Plan with the keyword Y120. This plan costs RM200/360 days and users will get 120GB data and unlimited calls to Tune Talk numbers. The data will be divided equally by months, so users will get 10GB data/month, just like the RM48 monthly plan.

You can now subscribe to the new Tune Talk Value Pack by USSD, SMS or Tune Talk app. For the SMS method, just SMS the keyword to 2222 and for the USSD method, dial *111#.

If you’re not a Tune Talker, you can switch to Tune Talk with your existing mobile number, get a new SIM or visit outlet nationwide to get a Tune Talk SIM and register yourself through the Tune Talk mobile app.

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