Gaming and live streaming are pretty common these days. Some do it for fame, some do it to show off their skills, some do it to educate others, and there are a small percentage of people who’s doing it for extra income.

Its very common for video game streamers to go live and use donation system for viewers to send in “gifts” and money as a way to show appreciation towards the streamer for what they do.

Most donations come in small amount, ranging from $1-$10 or more.

Not too long ago, a Fortnite player named “Exotic Chaotic” was live streaming on Twitch, when suddenly he made a stunning discovery.

“Wait, this can’t be real” he said.

As he looked into his screen monitor, it shows that another streamer has donated a total of $75,000 (RM307,275.00) to his profile.

Not believing on what he’s seeing, he frantically logs into his PayPal account to confirm if its legitimate or not, and sure enough, it was true.

It was then revealed that the donation was made by a fellow streamer by the name of “KingMascot”.

Both streamers are friends and KingMascot happen to know that Exotic Chaotic was in a bad place financially.

According to Exotic Chaotic, “I do not have a very high income. My girlfriend has worked full-time to support my career as a ‘Fortnite’ streamer, so I owe it to her and my four year old son to protect and grow this money for their futures.”

Some may wonder, what about KingMascot? What does he do for a living to be able to donate such big amount of money.

Apparently, KingMascot is “an early investor in Bitcoin and now trade stocks”, hence why he got the money to spare.

With that said, here’s the full video on Exotic Chaotic’s reaction when he saw the donation:





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