Not too long ago at CES 2019, Razer has announced that it has partnered up with Amazon to bring Alexa support to some of its gaming peripherals.

It is said that Alexa will be connected and delivered to compatible devices via Razer Synapse 3, the company’s cloud-based hardware configuration tool.

By getting Alexa’s support means users are able to control their Chroma lighting on Razer mice, keyboards, and other gaming accessories by speaking to Alexa.

The company also noted that Chroma lighting can also be brought to third-party hardware such as PC cases or motherboards adorned by lights, using the Razer Chroma Connect module to further expand Alexa’s reach when it comes to controlling your lighting displays.

Besides that, Razer Synapse users are also able to give commands to Alexa through Razer headsets or third party mics.

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Users are also given the ability to control the settings and profiles in their Razer hardware such as sensitivity level of their gaming mouse by commanding Alexa.

Users could ask questions like “Alexa, change my lighting profile to FPS mode” or “Alexa, decrease my DPI to 200”.

The Alexa integration is expected to be available for Razer Synapse users in the second quarter of 2019, however it will only be available in the US and Cananda.

But fret not, other countries will also get the support before the year comes to and end, hence there’s bound to be some waiting for the wider rollout.