The gaming industry has gotten exciting once again all thanks to the announcement of the RTX 2060 and RTX Max-Q gaming laptops, and NVIDIA has got a lot of credit to take for making games look incredible with its new graphics card.

On my visit today to NVIDIA’s private media room at CES 2019, I was shown a section that sports a video studio setup, it is the very first time that NVIDIA has expand its demo experience out of gameplays, as the GeForce RTX isn’t just made to have games run faster with more realistic effects, it is also designed to help content creators achieve more.

NVIDIA showed two demos, one PC is running REDCINE-X Pro encoding of a RAW 6K footage shot from a RED camera effortlessly, and the other one running Autodesk’s Maya that completes a 3D render in 3-5 seconds and de-noise almost instantly as you move around the 3D subject, this is achieved all thanks to the Tensor cores, which uses AI technology to significantly reduce loads on the CPU while accelerating creative tasks and ray-tracing, this is also achievable when using a RTX Max-Q powered gaming laptop.

NVIDIA showed me how GeForce RTX can greatly benefit content creators 1According to NVIDIA, many content creators on the go have invested in the GeForce GTX cards for their content creation needs, and the GeForce RTX cards simply helps them to achieve even more at a much faster performance.

While I did ask if such promotion would confuse users on making a choice between a Quadro powered workstation and a GeForce RTX powered gaming PC, NVIDIA clarified that Quadro works differently from the RTX as it has features that can only be used on certain 3D rendering applications and can do more complexed computational tasks.

For content creators, the GeForce RTX is the perfect balance between a gaming GPU and accelerator for their work, and personally I can’t wait to get my hands on the RTX 2060 to accelerate our video edits.

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