ASUS has recently announced the all new StudioBook S (W700), a new workstation made to support the demands of the modern content creator.

CES 2019: ASUS StudioBook S, the ultra-mobile powerhouse for creatives 1

Leveraging on the thin-bezel NanoEdge display design, StudioBook S fits a 17-inch, 16:10 ratio display in a 15-inch body.

The bezels on both sides measure just 5.3 mm, resulting in a truly expansive display that feels more like a desktop monitor.

The panel itself covers 97% of the DCI-P3 color space, which is the preferred standard by video and film professionals.

It is much wider than the sRGB color gamut used by typical PCs, so it’s capable of displaying a broader range of colors. It’s PANTONE Validated to ensure the colors seen on the screen are accurate too.

CES 2019: ASUS StudioBook S, the ultra-mobile powerhouse for creatives 2

Wide 178 degree viewing angles ensure colors stay vivid and bright, whereas the 180 degree hinge allows for a wider range of positions for the display, including positions such as flat on the table which is very useful when showing work to clients and collaborating on projects with coworkers.

The StudioBook S comes with an Intel Xeon or Intell Core i7 processor, as well as NVIDIA Quadro P3200 graphics.

The Quadro GPU is primed for professional applications and is power efficient, which keeps fan noise to a minimum under heavy load.

The Xeon E-2176M features six cores and 12 threads with a Max Turbo frequency of 4.4GHz.

CES 2019: ASUS StudioBook S, the ultra-mobile powerhouse for creatives 3

The slim 18.4mm frame of StudioBook S is packed with the latest performance hardware, and keeping it cool to ensure optimal performance.

The StudioBook S comes with five heat pipes that trace their way across the motherboard, carrying heat away from the CPU, GPU, and VRM toward vents in the sides and rear of the laptop.

The curved shrouds on each of the two fans help to channel more air into the fans themselves. This powerful thermal solution keeps throttling at bay even at full CPU loads and runs silently at just 35dB.

StudioBook S is one of the thinnest compact Quadro GPU laptops measuring at 382 x 286 x 18.4 mm.

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Wrapped in a Turquoise Grey aluminum finish StudioBook S is precision engraved at a 45 degree angle to add a textured finish to the lid and palm rests.

These diagonal lines are accented by Rose Gold diamond cut edges that highlight the laptop’s slender body. Rather than rounding the corners, the edges are squared off for a professional look and feels extremely solid.

The StudioBook S weighs in at 2.39kg, which makes it light and easy for users to bring it around when they’re out and about.

It also offers military-grade durability, as it has been MIL-STD-810G tested for vibration as well as environmental extremes like temperature, humidity, and altitude.

CES 2019: ASUS StudioBook S, the ultra-mobile powerhouse for creatives 4

The keyboard on StudioBook S features 1.4mm of travel for comfortable typing where the arrow keys are textured, making them easier to find by feel, and the backlight illuminates making it easier to work at night or in dark conference rooms.

Shortcut keys help streamline common interactions that usually require multiple clicks and presses. There’s also a function key dedicated to turning the HD webcam on and off for easy access to video conferencing and privacy protected.

Like the latest ZenBook lineup, StudioBook S features the discreet NumberPad in its touchpad. NumberPad can be turned on or off with a tap in the top right corner and makes light work of inputting numbers or calculations. Even with NumberPad activated, users can control the cursor with the touchpad.

There’s an HDMI 2.0 port and a USB Type-C with Thunderbolt 3 support for hooking up to external displays.

This iteration of Thunderbolt 3 utilizes Intel’s latest ‘Titan Ridge’ JHL7340 controller, which is compatible with DisplayPort 1.4 and allows outputs to support 8K displays.

Other than that, there’s also three USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type A ports, so there’s plenty of connectivity for thumb drives, external storage, and peripherals without the need for USB hubs.

Pricing and availability will be announced by ASUS through the launching of their products.

For more information, visit their website here.



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