Since the day Malaysia has implemented the smoking ban, there are still individuals who choose to ignore the ban and continues to smoke in eateries.

Just yesterday, a man was reported for slapping a waiter at an eatery place near Shah Alam when the waiter went over to him and asked him not to smoke in the restaurant when he sees the alleged man lighting up his cigarette.

There shouldn’t be violence involved and stubborn smokers could’ve save the embarrassment should they obeyed the law.

However that’s not the case for some, and even as a good citizen, we tend to be hesitant or shy when it comes to confronting strangers on what they should or should not do.

But there are ways on how you could report a person for ignoring the ban without the worry of being bashed and these reports would be sent to “Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia” (KKM) or in English, known as the Ministry of Health (MOH).

KKM has prepared two ways of how you could reach them and file a report when you see someone smoking in an eatery area.

The first method of reporting through phone call to the KKM office. You could reach them at 03-8892 4530 during working hours.

If you’re not a fan of talking, you could also send in your reports via WhatsApp at 010-860 8949.

In your report, you must include the address of the cafe or restaurant, the picture of the alleged smoker, time and date.

Other than that, you could also report eatery shops that does not display the “No smoking” sign.

Do your part by reporting those who don’t obey the law as our effort to move forward as a country.