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We’ve already heard of the 5G iPhones that will only come to us in 2020, so what’s that special feature that will make us want to buy the 2019 iPhones? The answer is, 3D camera.

Apple is reported to be cooperating with Sony in bringing in long range 3D cameras into the next iPhones, which points to this year’s iPhones. While it’s not Apple’s first time using a 3D camera since its TrueDepth camera is a short range 3D camera, the long range 3D camera that the company plans to equip will bring more changes.

The 3D camera that Sony is planning to mass produce in late summer is using the “Time of Flight” technology, which works by sending out laser pulses and calculating the duration the pulses take to bounce back. In doing this, the technology will be able to create 3D models with greater accuracy and speed.

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The long range 3D camera will also be functional for distances up to 5 meters, which can provide better VR and AR experiences. In Bloomberg’s interview with Sony, the latter showed how users can use hand gestures to cast magic spells in a virtual game, proving how the technology can allow users to interact with real environments through their phones.

Besides that, the 3D camera is also a solution to the iPhones’ large notches, because with the 3D chips on the front of the devices can help reduce the size of the notches since Apple can cut down the complicated multi-sensor array.

It seems like Apple is not only integrating 3D cameras into this year’s iPhones, as there have been rumours on the comeback of the Touch ID, but this time it’s on the iPhone’s display.


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