2019 is here and that means the Consumer Electronics Show is just around the corner. 2018 had been a rough year for a handful of tech companies, but CES 2019 should bring us new insights to what these tech companies have been working on for the past year. While it is not quite possible to eye on every single tech company on their announcements, here’s a list of what we think might be the next big topic at CES 2019.

Artificial intelligence

CES 2019 should be more exciting than ever 1

As more gadgets are squeezing into the Internet of Things (IoT) space, tech products are getting more intelligent with the abilities to comprehend human context. A big highlight would be voice control all the things, handling more of our daily activities, even the most mundane tasks. It is quite obvious that there will be more screens and displays with smart speakers, allowing for simpler solutions to more complex problems like getting rid of the TV remote controls. In fact, the major tech companies like Microsoft and Amazon have already invested billion of dollars into AI research, thus it will be no surprise when we see more of such products during CES later.

5G network

CES 2019 should be more exciting than ever 2

4G will be a thing of the past shortly and while we welcome the next advancement in this aspect, 5G network will slowly makes its way into our lives through the vast array of IoT products we own. As many controversies as there are about 5G whether it is reliable in terms of speed and connectivity, it is still in the process of maturing and development, hence the most probable sight at CES will be talk and demo shows by carrier companies. Among those are Verizon and AT&T CEOs who will roll out future executions and applications on 5G network.

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Autonomous vehicles

CES 2019 should be more exciting than ever 3

Much of what 5G promises would be stronger and faster connectivity for IoT products and it is largely related to how autonomous vehicles operate. CES 2019 will most likely showcase how autonomous vehicles will utilize the network advancement, be it a better driving experience (much more like passenger experience), or in-car entertainment such as mixed reality, or even a glimpse at some flying car concepts. Be sure to strap on tight for the next big thing in transportation!

Health gadgets

CES 2019 should be more exciting than ever 4

Ironically, more technological products are aimed at providing better health solutions and CES 2019 will not fail to bring the most advanced sensors to consumers. Expect to see tons of small devices and gadgets created to either provide better training regiments or to track fitness levels for athletic improvements. Health issue is certainly on the list as consumers are more concerned about their health when it comes to technology taking over our lives.

CES 2019 will definitely turn a lot of heads as there are a ton more exciting products we have not yet expected. Products like smartphone displays with a hole cut-out, flexible displays, more-powerful-than-ever CPUs and graphics are among those that we silently pray for so companies make them as best as they could. If you want to take a glimpse at the future, CES 2019 is where you want to reserve a spot for.


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