If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you’d know that you can pay for the subscription via the site itself or through in-app purchases (iTunes and Google Play Store). Back in May, Netflix has stopped allowing users to pay through the Google Play Store and now, the same is happening to App Store.

According to Netflix spokesperson who told VentureBeat, the company “no longer support iTunes as a method of payment for new members” though existing active members are still allowed to do so.

The implementation of this new update was said to have happened at the end of November, though many might not have known about it since there wasn’t any big announcement on the matter.

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Not only will new users be excluded from paying through iTunes, existing users who have previously cancelled the payment for at least a month and wants to resubscribe will also be excluded from the option of iTunes billing.

Netflix’s move to stop iTunes billing is so that they are able to keep all the proceeds without Apple getting a 15% cut for each in-app subscription. 

Netflix is not the only one that is escaping from Apple’s and Google’s fees, as Spotify, Fortnite and Steam have also decided to skip the iTunes and Google Play payment method.