The year of 2018 is coming to an end and some may find it interesting to know what’s their listening habits like throughout the year. Unfortunately, Apple Music does not provide any packages or feature that allows their users to review their yearly listening habits however there’s an app made by NoiseHub, called “Music Year In Review” that shows an overview of what you listened to throughout the year on Apple Music, similar to Spotify’s “Wrapped” program.

Music Year In Review is not as in depth as Spotify’s “Wrapped”, but it does provide basic metrics that is fun and easy for users to use. To use it, simple enter your email address into the app and connect it to Apple Music. It will then gather your listening data and show you three separate graphics which includes how much time you spent listening to your favourite artist on Apple Music, your top five songs and artists, and overall favourites such as genre, artist and song.

New app by NoiseHub allows Apple Music subscribers to get their "Music Year In Review" 1

Users of the Music Year In Review app are able to save and share their yearly review graphics on their social media. The app may only be able to provide simplistic overview, but considering the fact that Apple does not offer any sort of personalized year-end look at what you listened to, its definitely worth downloading and trying out for the sake of statistics.

The app is available for free download on the Apple App Store.

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