Recently, Twitter users has been reported seeing inappropriate bootleg emojis which has been circulating on the site and until today, it is still unknown of where and how these emojis has found its way into Twitter’s timeline. It is also unknown who are the creators behind the bootleg emojis that is specifically designed with human private parts.

According to Papermag, it isn’t the first time for inappropriate or NSFW emojis to surfaced online. It is said that back in the year of 2014, Flirtmoji was created and the media went crazy about these inappropriate emojis as it was created to make sexting more interesting. With its sext-friendly icons, Flirtmoji included emojis such as blow-up dolls, butt plugs, and ball gags galore. However, the latest “dickmojis” that surfaced on Twitter are even more graphic compared to flirtmojis which are much more subtle and not so detailed in terms on human genitalia.

Its unsure if Twitter will do anything about it or take it down from the site’s timeline as there is no official announcement or statement given by Twitter regarding the inappropriate bootleg emojis. It is advised for anyone who surfs on Twitter to be more aware and cautious of their surrounding while scrolling through the site’s timeline as they might come across the “dickmojis” and it would most definitely be an embarrassing encounter, especially if the person’s surrounded by older people while celebrating the festive season.

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