With the current smartphone trends, we can expect 2019 to come with smartphones that have gradient colours, multiple cameras and of course, the punch-hole display. With Samsung, Huawei, HONOR already showcasing their new smartphones with the in-hole display, ASUS seems to be catching up with the trend.

ASUS smartphones might get in-hole display and pop-up camera in 2019 1

According to Lets Go Digital, ASUS has filed a few patents a few months back which shows the future ASUS smartphones with an in-hole display. Just like the smartphones we’ve seen recently, the in-hole display smartphone is aimed at creating a better full screen experience with thinner bezels and removal of the infamous notch.

ASUS smartphones might get in-hole display and pop-up camera in 2019 2

Besides the in-hole display patent, ASUS also filed another patent that suggests pop-up selfie camera, which is somewhat similar to Vivo’s NEX self-elevating front camera. The design shown in the patent shows various sizes of the pop-up camera, which could mean that the pop-up space could be housing more than one camera or maybe a few other sensors.

But that is all that the patents are showing for now, so other specifications of the supposing future ASUS smartphones are yet to be unveiled. However, it’s almost guaranteed that the first few ASUS smartphones in 2019 will be seen at the Mobile World Congress at the end of February 2019.

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