The wait is finally over for PUBG fans as the game has finally installed the new map known as “Vikendi” snow map, which is the fourth map that is added into the game followed by Miramar, Erangel, and Sanhok. Players could download the map when they update their app with the latest 0.10.0 update on PUBG Mobile. The download size of the map is 134.2MB on Android and iOS, whereas the download for PUBG Mobile app 0.10.0 update is 2.1GB.

The Vikendi snow map is 6×6 km big, which is a bit bigger than the Sanhok map that is 4×4 km big, but it is smaller than both Miramar and Erangel map as the two maps are 8×8 km big. The Vikendi snow map features icy terrain complete with mountains, open fields, and frozen lakes, that also comes with interesting places such as a Dino park, a castle, and a giant cosmodrome complete with a rocket and a command centre along with satellites and towers peppering the landscape.

Among the things that players could expect from the Vikendi snow map is an added snow theme to the main menu, added Arabic language support, cross-server matchmaking, firearms finish upgrade system, season spending rewards and players are now able to report suspicious behavior while spectating after dying. The map also comes with unique elements which includes exclusive vehicles, snowmobiles, and players can partake in snowball fights on the spawn island before the game starts.

The latest download for PUBG Mobile update and the Vikendi snow map is now available on Android and iOS.