For those who have traveled and experienced delay in flight, you’ll definitely know how annoying it feels when the airline decided to postponed or delay your flight by informing you last minute. Sometimes the airline don’t even take the initiative to inform you before hand or in advance, which result in you going to the airport extra early for no reason.

Google has recently announced that they are planning to roll out a new feature for Google assistant that allow users to get a better idea and help predict if their flights are delayed or not. Although the company has already done something similar with “Google Flights”, but soon, Google Assistant users may ask questions like “Hey Google, is my flight on time?” or “What’s the status of the MAS airlines flight from Malaysia?”

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To be fair, there are also other services that provides the actual flight delay notifications but not predictions, for example, Apple will send users a push notification if they have a digital boarding pass in their wallet. Besides that, most airline carriers also send notifications or emails through their own apps. But the difference between Google’s approach and others is that Google predicts these delays before the airline announces them which makes it more convenient for users to prepare themselves for their flights before hand, and they won’t be wasting any time or effort rushing to the airport only to be informed that their flight has been delayed.