YouTube Rewind has always been a fun video to watch, you get to see your favorite content creator on the screen doing some crazy stuffs and throwbacks on the most memorable content of the year.

However, this year’s YouTube Rewind has received massive backlash from the community and at this time of writing, the video itself has reached 11 million thumbs down, five times more of its thumbs up rating. In other ways, it has surpassed Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ music video which at this point of time has 8.1M thumbs down.

The idea of YouTube Rewind started back in 2011, which the very first one was hosted by Rebecca Black on talking about the biggest moments on YouTube for that year, it then eventually evolved into a bigger content by gathering all of the famous creators and squeezing everything into a long throwback video.

YouTube Rewind 2018 is so hated by the community due to the exclusion of some of the biggest creators, one of it being Pewdiepie, which is kind of weird as he is literally the most subscribed creator on the platform, and Will Smith being invited to the series seems kind of inappropriate as he isn’t exactly a YouTuber by all means. 

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While comments are suggesting that the absence of Pewdiepie would have caused that amount of thumbs down, MKBHD has pointed out in a video saying that YouTube is presumably trying to make this year’s Rewind appealing to its advertisers, or you could put it that YouTube is only putting the nice, ad-friendly rewind content on this year’s video.

2018 has been a year with full of controversial content on YouTube, videos such as Logan Paul’s video mocking a dead person at a Japan forest has led the platform to cancel the creator’s YouTube Red exclusive show, as YouTube depend on advertisers to make money, it is obvious that the company would want to ensure all of the content it serves reflect well on their clients when they advertise.

Unfortunately, the community doesn’t see the same way as YouTube does.