Youtube will be starting their sweep to remove spam accounts from their platform today and fellow creators may see a decrease on their subscribers count as the cleanup is being conducted. 

“these sweeps are part of routine maintenance the company performs. Removing spam accounts helps to keep YouTube “a fair playing field” for creators, since they can artificially increase a channel’s subscriber count. It’s unclear how many channels will be affected, but YouTube does want people to prepare for a decline,” via official post on Youtube’s product forum. 

“We regularly verify the legitimacy of accounts and actions on your YouTube channel, as part of these regular checks, we identified and will remove a number of subscribers that were in fact spam from our systems,” the blog post reads. 

 Spam accounts are usually created to make creators look as if they have a big number of subscribers or to make a channel look more popular than it actually is. Major channels such as PewDiePie and T-Series may also notice a decrease on their subscribers count, which will affect their on going competition to be the number one most subscribed channel on Youtube, but it is the smaller creators who would face a bigger risk since they could lose their ability to monetize their videos. 

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“Channels that had a high percentage of spam and fall below 1,000 subscribers will no longer meet the minimum requirement for YPP (YouTube Partner Program) and will be removed from the program,” the blog post reads. “They are encouraged to reapply once they’ve rebuilt their subscribers organically.”

Owners of affected channels will see a banner in YouTube Studio or Classic Creator Studio. Overall, this could be a good and bad situation for all of the creators on Youtube, but nevertheless, it is always better to play fair and not cheat, so everyone could enjoy creating contents on Youtube.