When Samsung launched the A8s in China, the Korean tech giant also announced that they will be collaborating with the brand Supreme. However, the collaboration has caused outrage and dissatisfaction among many Samsung and Supreme NYC lovers.

Now the reason why many are outrageous to hear the news is because Samsung is not collaborating with the original, famous Supreme that everyone knows of, instead the company is actually partnering with Supreme Italia, a “legal fake” in Italy that managed to win a court case against Supreme NYC hence the reason of its current existence.

It could be possible that Samsung collaborated with Supreme Italia instead of Supreme NYC because the original brand have no authorisation to sell and market in China, but Samsung’s decision has resulted in so many negative responses that the company announced that it’s reconsidering the partnership.

Leo Lau, Samsung China’s digital marketing manager initially stood by the partnership but due to the huge amount of criticism and negative feedbacks on Weibo, the company then announced the reconsideration on the business partnership.

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It is unsure as to why Samsung thought it was a good idea in the first place to partner with a “legal fake” brand, especially since it’s indirectly meaning that the company is supporting the act of misusing bigger brand names to bring fame to one brand, but hopefully this backlash from the brands’ fans has helped Samsung learn their lesson.


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