While Google app has been on iOS for a long time now, Google finally brought in Google Lens, the feature that was introduced last year when the Google Pixel 2 was released.

Google Lens is a feature that helps its users to learn about the things they see through the phone camera. By pointing your camera towards objects, landscapes or even texts, the Google Lens is able to provide information regarding the matter such as what it could be, the history, or even translation. 


Few months after its launch, Google Lens was not only available in Google Photos and Google Assistant, but it was also supported by selected Android devices where it can provide real-time information. Now, Google finally brought the feature to the Google app for iOS users, so now even iPhone and iPad owners can try out the feature.

Now iPhone and iPad users can click on the Lens icon on the right of the search bar, and it’ll automatically switch to the device’s camera, where Google will identify the subject or landscape and provide further information. This will be more convenient especially if you’ve been capturing image and using the Lens vis Google Photos.

Despite that Google announced the Google Lens on the search app, it is still rolling out hence there might be many users who still haven’t get the new update. Either way, iOS users will finally get to catch up with Pixel users once the feature arrives in their Google app.

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